Expat Workers Needed for Agricultural Jobs in Japan

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his government have created special zones to improve productivity and mitigate labor shortages in the agricultural sector. As Japanese farmers retire, the challenge of filling those open positions has been strong. The special zones of Kyoto, Niigata, and Aichi are just the beginning of welcoming foreign skilled labor. Japan is considering bringing in workers from abroad in other fields. If you are open to relocating for a job, contact JobsAWorld. The most skilled job seekers and the best employers are matched, no matter where either is located. Contact them today!

Workers from abroad will be able to work in Japan for three years, and that time can be divided up as they see fit. The staffing agencies who recruited them will make sure they are paid the same wages as their Japanese equal. JobsAWorld will match your skillset with the perfect job you deserve. Simply submit your application and wait for a call from a potential employer.

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