US Economy Grew 4.1% in the Second Quarter of 2018 

The US economy has seen a robust four percent growth in the second quarter, making it the best increase since 2014. The growth is boosting hopes that the US economy is breaking out of the ten-year slumber. The increase equaled expectations from several economists partaking in a survey by Reuters. Helping the numbers was business investments and consumer spending. Government bond yields moved lower as did stock market futures. If you are planning a move for a better job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. It doesn’t matter where you or the company is located; all international resumes are welcome. 

The rate of growth is the fasted since the third quarter of 2014, which was 4.9 percent. Adding to the strong second quarter, the Commerce Department adjusted the first quarter reading from two percent to 2.2 percent. President Donald Trump said, “We’re on track to hit the highest annual growth rate in over 13 years.” Jobs Across the World will help you find the perfect opportunity you deserve. Contact them today!

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