Top Countries in Asia with the Highest Expat Salaries 

Singapore and Hong Kong are usually at the top of the charts as the most expensive regions to play and live, but Japan offers the highest pay for expats living in Asia. Mid-level employees receive an average pay package of $386,451 per year by companies in the country. Japan has also experienced the most substantial increase in expat package values over the past year, due to steeper housing costs and a more robust yen, according to Lee Quane, a regional director at ECA International. If you are considering looking for a job across the globe, Jobs Across the World is dedicated to helping you get hired for the position you deserve. You will receive personalized jobs in your inbox as they become available. 

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The MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey by ECA measures expat packages by not only cash salary, but other perks like housing allowances and international school subsidies. The countries’ tax system was also taken into account. India, with overcrowding, pollution, and bad traffic, ranked number three on the list. Companies in the country offer mid-level employees an average package of almost $300,000 to attract skilled talent from abroad. Hong Kong ranked fourth but was the top country with the most over and above benefits in the region. Firms have an average package of $276,417 for international workers. Jobs Across the World has the most successful and comprehensive global online employment solution. International applications are welcome across all sectors, no matter where the company or job seeker is located. Contact them today for the best job opportunity that fits your skill set.

Top Countries in Asia with the Highest Expat Salaries  3Singapore barely reached the top ten on the list of countries paying the most for expat salaries. Low taxes, the comfortable outdoor lifestyle, and good schooling make for a great place to live. Companies don’t have to offer all of the extra bells and whistles to attract talent. There are many job opportunities available around the globe. Jobs Across the World will match your resume with the perfect opening. It is a simple process. Submit your application and it will be matched with open positions all around the world. Their team is committed to helping all job seekers and employers around the globe connect. Anytime. Anywhere.

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