Australian Employment Hits Historic High

Fourteen thousand new jobs have been added to the Australian job market, making June the ninth consecutive month of job gains. The market saw part-time employment decreased by 48,000 jobs, but full-time employment grew by an amazing 62,000 jobs. In the past two months alone, full-time positions have increased by 115,500. This is the most substantial rise of full-time employment increase in 29 years. The increase in the full-time job market makes it an opportune time to submit your resume to Jobs Across The World. They will match your skills with an open position.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released data showing the rate of unemployment holding steady at 5.6 percent. The lowest four-year level had to be revised due to the quick increase. Victoria and NSW were two Australian states that added 18,900 jobs. The news revealed in June 2017 by the Reserve Bank said the country is “within touching distance of the floor of the natural rate of unemployment.”

Bruce Hockman, the Chief Economist for the bureau, said, “Full-time employment has increased by around 187,000 persons since September 2016, with particular strength over the past five months, averaging around 30,000 persons per month. Full-time employment now accounts for about 68 percent of employment.” If you are looking for full-time employment, prepare and submit your resume to Jobs Across The World.

The rebounding in the job market is beyond a doubt. Craig James, a CommSec economist, said the lack of full-time jobs have caused analysts to be concerned. Those concerns have been dispelled in a couple of months. “Over the past two months, 115,400 full-time jobs have been created, the biggest back-to-back job gains in 29 years, since January 1988.” Get in contact with Jobs Across The World to see if a full-time job is available for you in Australia.

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