High Demand for AI and Robotics Professionals

The pressing need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics professionals have prompted top business schools, such as the Indian Institutes of Management, to add AI and machine learning to their curriculum and present to students the full environment of the Internet of Things (IoT). Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science have specialized programs for AI and machine learning. If you would consider relocating for a better job opportunity, Jobs Across the World can provide you will personalized jobs sent directly to your inbox, match your resume to open positions and allow you to apply quickly using your Jobs Across the World profile.

High Demand for AI and Robotics Professionals 1

Jobs in the IoT field have grown by 75 percent in the past three years, according to recruitment startup Belong. The demand is not only at the entry level, but at middle to senior ranks across several sectors as well. Rishabh Kaul, co-founder of Belong, said companies are feeling the heat to become more efficient as jobs turn predictable. There is a substantial increase in the appropriation of AI and automation, leading to an ever-increasing demand for professionals in the fields.

The need for these positions is being seen in e-commerce, financial services and insurance, business, startups, business process outsourcing, information technology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and retail. Managing director for Kelly Services India, Thammaiah BN, said, “Robotics is required by process-oriented companies for a better customer experience. It helps in cutting down cost and improves efficiency.” AI is assisting the industry to be in new spaces. Jobs Across the World can match your resume with the position you deserve and want.

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