Thousands of Jobs in the USA Available for Qualified Pilots

Ticket agents, flight attendants, and other Delta Air Lines employees are being asked to consider training to be a pilot. The second largest airline in the US is experiencing a shortage of pilots. They are offering their workers a leave of absence, unpaid, to attend flight training. Delta is predicting they will be short over 8,000 pilots over the next ten years. The federal government has mandated pilots retire at the age of 65 or leave for other companies. This will thin their crew of 13,000 pilots. If you are willing to relocate for a job position, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skill set with the perfect job opportunity.

Delta’s new initiative recently unveiled included conditional job opportunities for certain college students. Air travel demand is growing worldwide, and pilots are aging in the meantime. The low starting salaries and high cost of education are hurdles in the airline sector. The globe’s largest airplane manufacturer predicts a worldwide need for over 600,000 pilots by 2036 and 18 percent of those in the USA. Jobs Across the World has a team of professionals trained to help you find the perfect job. It doesn’t matter where you or the open position is located. 

Thousands of Jobs in the USA Available for Qualified Pilots 3

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pilot salary is $78,740. The pay at regional carriers can be half of that amount. Once a pilot reaches captain status, they can bring home over $100,000. An ALPA spokesperson said if you pay them, you will fill the positions. International applications are welcome at Jobs Across the World. It doesn’t matter where the company is located or where you live. You will find the perfect job you deserve.

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