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The United States is experiencing a rapidly transforming job market and the best way to be sure you have job security is to choose a career that is on the upswing. Hot careers can vary by location, from an animal trainer to a credit counselor to a software developer. MONEY focused in on the fastest-growing field in every state and that job’s median salary to help you decide on the best career choice. Jobs Across the World (JobsAWorld) is a great place to find the perfect job opportunity. It does not matter where you or the position is located. Once you submit your resume, you will receive job openings as they become available.

One job was top on the list in eight states, which made it the most often appearing job on the list: solar panel installer. Solar panel installers make a median income of close to $40,000 annually and most often this job only requires a high school diploma. It was first on the list in California, which is known as a “green state,” but it was surprisingly number one in Missouri, North Carolina, and Minnesota.

Dan Whitten, the vice president of communications for the Solar Energies Industries Association, said solar is really taking off in those states. “What once was an industry that was largely focused on California is now expanding into new markets.” If you are looking for a great job opportunity, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. They can match your skills with an open position no matter where it is located around the world.

Other fast-growing sectors

Another green technology job measuring high on the chart is a wind turbine service technician. They make just shy of $57,000 per year. Home health aides, rotary drill operators, and statisticians also appear on the list several times. Other sectors which are fast growing and would be an excellent opportunity to research are manual, high-tech, services, and green-tech. These sectors could make your dream job come true.

At JobsAWorld, the most skilled job seekers and the top employers meet. It is a simple process. They match your resume with open jobs all around the world and keep you updated on new job postings that match your skills.

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