Growing Economy Creates New Jobs in France

For over ten years, the French have been accustomed to close to a tenth of their workforce without a job. The previous president claimed over and over to see a downturn in the jobless rate, but it never materialized. What is happening now in the labor market feels unfamiliar. There are a lot more jobs available, but less qualified people to fill them. There are job opportunities all around the world if you know where to look for them. JobsAWorld has a thriving global online employment solution. You submit your application and they will match an open position with your skill set. It doesn’t matter where the job seeker or the company is located.

The unemployment rate in France fell to nine percent, and although on the high range, is lower than it has been in the past decade. Some 200,000-330,000 jobs went unfilled in 2017, due to a shortage of suitable candidates, says Pole Emploi, the government’s jobseekers’ service. The government agency showed challenges filling 84 percent of jobs for machine operators, 65 percent for butchers, 80 percent for carpenters, and 63 percent for computer engineers. Patrick Artus, a chief economist at the French bank, Natixis, said there are significant difficulties in France as well as Spain, “despite high unemployment.” Jobs Across the World is a company that is committed to helping employers and job seekers all around the globe to connect. International applications for all jobs across all sectors are welcomed. Contact them today and receive the job you deserve.

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