New Jobs in China Created as Internet Expands to Rural Areas

JobsAWorld - farmer using a computer

New jobs are being created in China thanks to the development of the broadband infrastructure and fast adoption of online shipping and mobile payments. These rural areas are quickly becoming the next generator of growth for the globe’s largest e-commerce market. If you are willing to relocate for the perfect job opportunity, contact JobsAWorld. They will match your skillset with an available job position. It does not matter where the position is located or where you currently live. 

A big boost came when Beijing released its Internet Plus strategy. The initiative included the integration of mobile internet, promoting the development of e-commerce, cloud computing, and big data for manufacturing. Premier Li Keqiang asked China’s telecommunications industry to do away with domestic data roaming fees and cut the cost of broadband services for business and residential customers. These actions will give usage a further lift in the country.  JobsAWorld is dedicated to matching your resume with the perfect opportunity for you. Contact them today!

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