Survey Says Workers Satisfied with Jobs in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg ranked third in various categories, with 80 percent of workers satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey by SD Worx, a human resource services provider. Employees in France, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Austria were asked about their job security, jobs in general, loyalty to their employer, and promotion opportunities. Leading the pack was The Netherlands with 87.8 percent, and Belgium at 86.4 percent. If you are considering working abroad, contact Jobs Across The World for open positions. It doesn’t matter where you are located or where the job opportunity. You simply submit your application and wait to be contacted by a company.

Close to 80 percent of employees in Luxembourg are satisfied with their job security. Belgium and The Netherlands are slightly ahead of Luxembourg in this area. Austria has less than 40 percent who claimed to enjoy job security. Anne-Lise Demortier, HR Business Partner at SD Worx , said, “Today’s optimism is part of the strong economic situation.” Even with robotization and digitalization on the rise, most workers are not concerned about their jobs in the future.

Survey Says Workers Satisfied with Jobs in Luxembourg 1

Loyalty is a strong trait among workers in Luxembourg. Only 30 percent of employees do not consider themselves as loyal to the company they are employed by and their employer. This country located in western Europe is one to consider when thinking about immigration for work purposes. Jobs Across The World is a simple and effective way to find work outside of your homeland. It is a go-to for companies looking to hire skilled workers.

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