The “Hottest” Technology Jobs in India for 2018

The managing director at IBM India said in the coming year companies will be delving deeper into data to create a real-life impact. “The Cloud platform, fused with disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, cognitive, internet of things, data analytics, and security will become the backbone of businesses looking to scale up and stay relevant in the future”, he commented. If you are looking for a great job opportunity, no matter where it is located, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. They are determined to match your skill set with the best job for you.

There are several areas where job opportunities are expected in the coming years. AI is one of the top jobs. Nearly all Indian tech firms are going big on AI. It is basically the technology that teaches machines to perform human-like tasks and learn from experience.

Blockchain specialist is a hot field. As bitcoin is becoming the rage across the world, experts believe this field will become a massive job creator. Legacy companies and startups alike across sectors are adopting digital technologies for various functions, such as manufacturing, HR, warehousing, and communications. This is making digital marketing a great field.

Data science is a great sector as internet companies in India have gathered massive amounts of consumer data and now are planning to start mining it to their advantage. Even newer fields such as pharmacy analytics would benefit data scientists. An experienced data scientist with even a few years of experience will find many opportunities in this market.

The job opportunities are abundant in India, so now is the time to contact Jobs Across the World. They team up employers looking for hires with job seekers all around the world.

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