There Is a Shortage of Aviation Workers and Pilots in Canada

Canada is experiencing a growing labor shortage in its aviation industry. By 2025, it is forecast that Canada will lack 55,000 aviation workers and 3,000 pilots. The shortage, caused by industry growth, retirements, and barriers to recruiting new workers, is demanding a national strategy to address it. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, “We are flying more and more, and we will continue to fly more and more.” He argued that the country must avoid labor shortages in the aviation industry. If you are willing to relocate for a job opportunity, contact JobsAWorld. Once you submit your resume, employers from all around the globe have access to your information and can contact you for a position.

The executive director of the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace said if we don’t find workers to fill the positions, the jobs will go offshore and they are almost impossible to get them back to Canada. By the year 2025, 7,300 new pilots will be needed in Canada. The statistics show that less than 1,200 new pilots are graduating every year and close to half of these are international students. Only around 70 percent of pilots who graduate go to work in the industry. Not only pilots are needed, but so are avionics technicians, composite fabricators, engineers, and aircraft maintenance technicians. There are thousands of relocation jobs awaiting you and JobsAWorld will help match you with the perfect one. It doesn’t matter where you or the open job is located. Contact them today!

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