Workers Wanted to Fill Jobs in Canada’s Province of Manitoba

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program, which started two decades ago, was one of the first experiments in Canada for matching foreign workers with specific job openings. The fast-track option allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate skilled workers with education and work experience so they can immigrate to Canada and contribute to the economy. Jobs Across the World will match your resume with open positions all around the world. It is an easy process to submit your resume and wait on a call from an interested employer.

Workers Wanted to Fill Jobs in Canada's Province of Manitoba 3

The provinces and territories each have their criteria and programs which target specific groups such as business people, skilled workers, students, or semi-skilled workers. Points are given based on work qualifications, language ability, and experience. Depending on how many points they have will depend on where they are in the Canadian immigration process. A definitive job offer by a company is a great benefit. Once nominated, applicants have to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to receive permanent residence status. The program is one of the most successful. It has high recruitment and retention rates and boasts of a significant percentage of the population growth in the provinces. Submit your resume to JobsAWorld to be considered for the best opportunities available.

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