San Francisco Is the Best City for Millennials to Find Jobs in the USA

Millennials who are looking for high paying jobs in the USA have a choice to make when deciding on which metro-area to move to. Magnify Money, a finance website, analyzed the “top boomtowns” in America by studying population, housing, jobs, and industry growth. They then took the data and added in the millennial factor to choose the top 50 metro areas for their generation. When considering a job relocation, contact JobsAWorld. It doesn’t matter where you or the position is located you can choose the opportunity best for you and your family. You will receive professional assistance using innovative technology so that employment in countries around the globe is possible.

The study by Magnify Money determined top regions for millennials based on a five-year time frame from 2011-2016 and the population changes during that time for those born between 1981-1991. “Interestingly, millennial populations actually decreased in nine of the 50 metros we analyzed, which demonstrates that many millennials are actively migrating,” according to the report. The report studied millennial participation in a region’s workforce, the unemployment rate, and the median wages. By submitting your resume to Jobs Across the World, the integrated platform will match your skills with open positions all around the world and update you on new job postings.

The top city for millennials, according to the report, is San Francisco, California. The jobs are plentiful, and the pay is good. The millennial population grew 16.2 percent, and the size of the workforce increased 31.1 percent over the time frame studied. The unemployment rate for this generation decreased by over forty percent, and the median wage increased over 32 percent. Two of the top regions for millennials were in North Carolina: Raleigh and Charlotte. Denver, Austin, Nashville, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Dallas round out the top ten metro cities. The tireless team of career development experts at JobsAWorld is dedicated to helping you get the position you are wanting. You will receive personalized job openings directly to your inbox that suit your qualifications. You will be continuously updated on job openings and notified when a potential employer is interested in your resume.

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