Salaries Rising for Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers in the U.S.

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New data by the Pew Research Center reports that U.S. employers have raised the pay of highly-skilled foreign workers with H-1B visas. A decade ago, they were being paid a median salary of $69,000, while today being paid a median salary of $80,000. The U.S. government is making this information about H-1B applicants public for the first time in history. This visa program is the premiere way companies in the U.S. are hiring highly-skilled talent from abroad. It allows companies to hire immigrants to work in the USA for up to six years in a position that requires highly-specialized knowledge, and the visa holders position may be extended if they have green card applications that are pending. When you are looking for a new job, by submitting your resume to Jobs Across The World, you will be matched with open positions all around the globe.

Salaries Rising for Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers in the U.S. 1

Employers that are interested in joining the program must submit their request to the U.S. Department of Labor showing that no citizen of the United States would be displaced by the foreign worker assuming the position. The application is then reviewed before interviewing the immigrant and issuing them a visa. The overall demand for the H-1B visa has increased dramatically over the past decade. In 2009 there were just over 240,000 applications, and in 2016 there were close to 400,000. The Trump administration is planning to support a plan that would reverse years of immigration policy by allowing more highly-skilled immigrants entrance to the U.S. and fewer low-skilled immigrants. If you are considering relocating for a better career, Jobs Across The World is the best place to submit your resume.

This article in a nutshell

  1. The median salary today is 80,000 dollars.
  2. Last year, the median salary was 69,000 dollars.
  3. This is the first time that the U.S. Government make this information public.
  4. There is a high demand for H-1B visas – close to 400,000 applications during 2016.
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