Working in Antarctica Is “Highly Recommended” by Australians

Amy Chetcuti is spending her summer working away from her hometown as a mechanic at Antarctic’s Mawson Station, 5,475 kilometers from Hobart, Tasmania. She is a part of a group that maintains the plants, loaders, diggers, quad-bikes, and the generators that power the station. She previously worked as a fly-in, fly-out employee at a mine in Western Australia. “I’m always up for an adventure, I love to travel and of course see the penguins,” she said. If you would like to experience adventure in a workplace far away from home, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. They can match your skill set to the perfect position.

Chetcuti said the best way to visit a place is to not only work there but get paid to see it. She said the isolation was not as bad as she thought it would be, especially with the community where everyone helps each other. Jobs Across the World can link you with an employer looking for someone with your skills. Contact them today!

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