The Future of IT Jobs in India

Although automation is on the rise, it isn’t the end of IT for the Indian market. Data entry and server maintenance, traditional IT jobs, are looking to decline over the next few years, but new-age jobs are starting to emerge. India’s IT will see openings in digital domains such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, cybersecurity, and computing, according to Simplilearn, an online professional skilling platform. Jobs Across The World will help match you with the perfect company for your skill set. Contact them today for more information.

The top in-demand tech job categories are Azure/AWS consultants, data scientists, Al architects, Cloud/Azure architect, IoT architect, Cloud engineer, Security auditor, DevOps engineer, Machine learning engineer, information security manager, Cybersecurity architect, Big data engineer, and Big data architect.

Although this is the order of top job openings, it is not necessarily the top paying jobs. Big data architects are fewer in number but pay much more. A web services consultant position offers $14,461 annually, but a big data architect could bring in $32,234 annually. When looking for jobs abroad, consider contacting Jobs Across The World. They can match you with the job and salary you are looking for.

With technology on the move, it is important for workers to keep up their skills and continue their education. Kashyap Dalal, a chief business officer of Simplilearn, said, “It is more a cultural shift people will need to go through. They need to get used to the fact that every year, they’ll have to learn something. Everybody will need to make some time, and companies will need to facilitate it, too.”

Around 41% of employers looking to up their skills were from India’s IT capital, Bengaluru Ghe Delhi-National Capital Region followed with 25%. Jobs Across The World will assist you in finding a job in the best location for your needs.

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